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Responsible Research for Business and Management (RRBM) is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and supporting credible and useful research in the business and management disciplines. It is a virtual organization initially developed by a group of 24 leading scholars in 5 disciplines at 23 university-based business schools in 10 countries and now joined by a much larger community. We have support from many partners, including AACSBEFMDPRMEAspen Institute‘s Business and Society Program, GRLI, and many business schools worldwide.

Imagine a world where business or management research is used widely in practice by business and other non-business organizations to improve the lives of people in our societies.

Read our vision paper and join the effort to advance responsible research in business and management.


We all have a vision for the future ... this is the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) Vision 2030

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