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Managing through a Pandemic

Markets In Motion series

Nuremberg Institute for Marketing Decisions (NIM) Marketing Intelligence Review

Marketing Dashboards - The Next Generation

Guest Editors:
David Reibstein, Professor of Marketing
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Koen Pauwels, Professor of Marketing
Northeastern University

Latest News

How Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Divides the World

Perceptions of countries often change slowly over time - but then Russia invaded its neighbor.

Americans Saw Their Country As More Politically Stable After the Capitol Assault. Why?

Historic events can change a country’s global brand – and may affect whether its citizens want to even vote.

Encouraging Business Scholars to Address Societal Impact

By reimagining faculty research in terms of its public value, business schools will position themselves as contributors to the greater global good.

Measure for  Measure: How Marketing Metrics Have Evolved

For most companies, one of the key aspects to any new or ongoing initiative is being able to measure return on investment or ROI.

Inalienable Customer Capital, Corporate Liquidity, and Stock Returns

We develop a model in which customer capital depends on key talents' contribution and pure brand recognition.

The past, present, and future of brand research

We begin by reviewing three historical eras of branding development in the past: the information, attribute, and brand equity eras.

Measuring Trademark Dilution by Tarnishment

The law of trademark tarnishment—a type of trademark dilution—is in disarray.

Switzerland and Japan Are the World’s Best Countries

The global view of the U.S. as a trustworthy nation drops for the third consecutive year in the Best Countries survey assessing 80 nations.
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